Responsible gambling

Play responsibly 

One of the most important directions of Parimatch is the principles of responsible gaming. We promote these principles in gambling, adhere to them in our activities and encourage players to follow them. Gambling is entertainment, positive emotions of sports victories and records. However, some players get too carried away and don’t know when to quit. We offer some tips and rules for the game to give only positive emotions.


It is important to maintain control 

Every player should understand that gambling is one of the options for leisure, an interesting hobby and a form of entertainment. Do not try to turn it into a source of income – in case of failure it can lead to financial and psychological problems. We want the game to be just fun for you.


To do this, follow the rules:


  • Know when to quit gambling. This is just entertainment, not a source of enrichment.
  • Do not try to win the lost money back. You might lose it again.
  • Allocate a certain amount for the game. Do not play for money that significantly affects your financial situation.
  • Manage your gaming time. Entertainment should not take up all your time.


If you feel that it is difficult for you to stop – contact our support service If you contact us, we will be able to help with the suspension of your gaming activity.


How do you know if you have gambling problems?

Check yourself:


  • Do gambling interfere with your work or school?
  • Do you play when you don’t know how to entertain yourself?
  • Have you ever been judged for gambling by acquaintances?
  • Does gambling take all your spare time?
  • Do you spend more time gambling than with family, friends and hobbies?
  • Have you had to lie or steal money to keep gambling?
  • Have you provided false information about how much money you actually spent on gambling?
  • Have you applied for a loan to financial institutions and pawnshops in order to use it to keep gambling?
  • If you lose, do you immediately want to win your money back?
  • Are you trying to distract yourself from everyday problems with the game?
  • Does your mood depend on your success in gambling?


If you answered “Yes” to most of these questions, you might have a gambling problem. You should consider contacting qualified professionals and suspend your gaming activity.


Control yourself 

We are ready to support you if you find yourself having gambling problems. To keep the game entertaining, you can temporarily restrict access to your account for 7 days using the self-control button in the “Self-Exclusion” section, or you can exclude yourself for a period of 6 months to 3 years by sending a corresponding application to us or to the Gambling and Lotteries Regulation Commission. You will not be able to withdraw funds during this period. You will be able to log back into your account only after the expiry of the deadline.

If you want to exclude yourself in the game for a longer period – write to our support service Explain your problem and, together with the operator, choose exclusion arrangements that will help you – a deposit limit, a bet limit, self-exclusion for a certain period, account closure.


Are you sure you are 21? We will check 

We carefully check that all our players follow the law and the conditions of the game – to verify their identity and to confirm their own age. According to the gambling law of Ukraine, you must reach the age of 21 and towards you there must be no restrictions established by the Law of Ukraine “On state regulation of activities for the organization and conduct of gambling.”

In case of violation of the established rules, you will be denied verification and access to the game on our website will be blocked.

We hope that you treat gambling as responsibly as we do. For any additional details, please contact our support service


Is it legal?

 According to the section 2 of article 16 of the Law of Ukraine “On state regulation of the organization and conduct of gambling”, in order to minimize the negative impact of gambling, PARIMATCH LLC adheres to the principles of responsible gambling, in particular:


  • ensures the identification of the player (players) in the manner prescribed by this law throughout activities on the Internet;
  • does not allow people who have limited access to gambling and those who have expressed gambling addiction (ludomania) to participate in gambling;
  • refrains from providing players with any bonus payments, gifts and / or providing goods (services) in any form, using other types of incentives, the provision of which is directly or indirectly due to the fact that the player has lost in the relevant gambling


Where to go for help?

Information about the activities of organizations, medical institutions and / or health workers who treat gambling addiction, support phone number:

– Medical Center for Addictions Treatment – “SANOLIFE Clinic is a mental and physical health clinic”.



Lviv, Ternopilska street, 19.

Tel. 068 775 77 10; 068 775 77 11


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