Vadym Misyura, representative of TM "Parimatch": "Our goal is to make the sport closer to people, and athletes — closer to the fans"

TM "Parimatch" is one of the most active companies in terms of supporting Ukrainian sport, which is experiencing difficult times. In 2016, the company implemented many projects. Among those who actively cooperate with TM "Parimatch", not only ukrainian football "Premier League" and football federation of Ukraine, but also our basketball players, hockey players, wrestlers. At the same time, the company has big plans for the current year. Vadym Misyura, representative of TM "Parimatch", tells about the problems of Ukrainian sport and how to overcome these difficulties.

— To begin with, it is worth remembering what you remembered last year, which was full of many sports competitions, first of all — the Olympics in Rio?

— Calendar 2016 began with biathlon. I believe that Ukraine successfully performs on the world stage in this sport, winning awards, including the Olympic Games. We pay tribute to the work of biathletes, rejoice in their victories and support them.

In order to promote biathlon among Ukrainians within the framework of our project "Biathlon Experts", we organized viewings of the World Cup stages for fans. The highlight was the joint viewings of the competition in the company of athletes – Nina Karasevich and Andriy Derisemli. We are glad that we managed to organize a meeting of fans with the President of the Biathlon Federation of Ukraine Volodymyr Brynzak, the famous coach of the National team of Ukraine Vasyl Karlenko, as well as with the leaders of our national team — Elena Pidgrushna, Julia Jima, Sergey Semenov, Valentina Semerenko. This event was not only remembered for a long time by fans of biathlon, but also inspired our athletes to achieve new achievements.

In winter, before the start of the second round of the football championship, at our initiative there was a meeting of football fans with FC Shakhtar players Ivan Ordets and Maksym Malyshev. There were many young people, bright smiles and happy eyes. People came to talk to their idols, take pictures with them. I believe that our task is to create and maintain a communication platform between fans and athletes.

Also, we did not stay away from the world sporting event last year — the Olympics. On the eve of the competition in Rio TM "Parimatch" joined the public action "General Olympic victory" of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The goal was to stimulate the successful performance of our Olympians. We provided financial guarantees and awarded a special certificate of athletes who brought gold medals to the treasury of the national team.

By the way, we also organized a meeting for fans with these heroes — Olympic champions Yuri Cheban and Oleg Verniayev.

— Sport is, first and foremost, a matter of the young. Helping Ukrainian sport, do you support our youth at the same time?

— We have beautiful, talented young boys and girls. Therefore, we pay special attention to them. This is the future of Ukraine. We decided to support the Football Association of Students of Kyiv. Ukrainian students are active and creative. It is on them largely depend on the prospects of domestic sport. Therefore, we provide organizational support for this direction, promote its development. It is pleasant that the participation of TM "Parimatch" contributes to the fact that hundreds of young guys join the sport.

I often hear that sport brings people together. And it really is. Fc Shakhtar and Dynamo fans find common ground, there are no conflicts. They support different clubs, but first of all they are fans of the National team of Ukraine!

" By the way, about our national team. TM "Parimatch" has been supporting football "Premier League" for several years, and last year you started to cooperate with FFU and the National team of Ukraine. Please tell us in detail about this.

— In 2016, we became the official sponsor of the National Football Team of Ukraine. I understand perfectly well that many still have fresh memories in memory of the team's unsuccessful performance at Euro 2016, but it is important for us to look ahead and try to achieve good results in the future.

Cooperation with the Football Federation is a huge amount of interesting and important work. One of the components of which is the joint holding of various events, competitions and other events for fans. Last fall, TM "Pationatch" together with FFU organized a nationwide competition for the best video "Our football team". Young teams had the opportunity to declare themselves and talk about their achievements.

By the way, the best videos were shown in the break of the Ukraine-Finland match in Odessa, and the winner of the competition was FC "Zorya" from the village of Tamarine, Mykolaiv region. I think in the near future football fans will be able to take part in other interesting projects that are scheduled for 2017.

— What does the company want to change in our football championship in the first place?

— In recent years, we have been the title sponsor of the Premier League, and the Ukrainian championship is called "Pari-Match League". Today, our country is experiencing a difficult economic situation. Naturally, a huge snowball of problems and difficulties fell on sports. But at this difficult time, neither of us should lower our hands and succumb to apathy.

We try our joint promotions and events with the Premier League to return the interest of our fellow citizens to one of the most popular sports — football. I want people to return to the stands of the stadium. This is our championship, this is the Ukrainian championship, where Ukrainian teams play. We took an active part in the presentation of the All-Ukrainian action "Premier League is me", contributed to the creation of a new brand of the Ukrainian "Premier League".

In 2016, the start of the joint project "Best Player of the League Pari-Match" was also held with the Premier League. According to the terms and conditions, the winner is determined by the coaches of the UPL clubs and fans. I am sure that the opportunity to win such an award serves as an additional incentive for footballers to show their best qualities on the field.

We also practice open football training for journalists and fans. TM "Parimatch" acted as an ideological inspirer and organizer of the All-Ukrainian action "Training with a star". Its essence is that everyone can join a training session under the guidance of sports stars. We plan to conduct as many events as possible to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. And the best motivation for each of us is a workout led by a star athlete who, like no other, knows what and how to do.

For example, in Lviv such training took place on the basis of FC "Karpaty". Journalists and fans under the guidance of the team's coaches performed various exercises. All the participants noted after that it was both fun and helpful. It's nice that another Premier League team, Zvezda from Kropyvnytskyi, took part in this action. In the spring of 2017, we plan to continue these actions, which bring a lot of positive emotions to football players, fans and journalists.

One of Parimatch's goals is to support and promote football and sport in general. I hope that all our projects and efforts contribute to this.

— In addition to football, which other sports are oriented in their activities?

— Last year our cooperation with the Basketball Federation of Ukraine and the national men's national team began. I hope that the guys will perform with dignity at the Eurobasket this year and give joy to the fans. Since last year, TM "Parimatch" is also the title sponsor of the Super League.

We agreed to partner with the Ukrainian Hockey League. Our common ambition is to revive domestic hockey. I hope that holding the World Cup in Kiev in 2017 in Division 1A will contribute to this. This forum should be held at a high level — we are interested in the positive image of Ukraine in the world.

In 2016, TM "Parimatch" began cooperation with the Federation of Greco-Roman struggle of Ukraine. We strive to popularize and support this Olympic sport. This is a very complex sport that requires special attention. I believe that soon at the Olympics we will win many awards in this kind.

— Judging by the fact that the company expands its range of interests and aims at new projects, what is your main motivation and strategic goal?

— Our work is aimed at maintaining the image of Ukraine in the world. We are pleased that our activities remain unattended. The team of TM "Parimatch" was noted in the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, awarded with an honorary diploma. We also received an award from the Association of Sports Journalists of Ukraine for active coverage of sports events in the country and support of sports initiatives of different levels.

At the level of the capital, we were also noted. TM "Parimatch" at the Open Forum "Kyiv Smart City Forum" received an award for the best information project. We are very pleased to receive recognition, but we get a real buzz from doing good and necessary things. And we are not going to stop there.

Svyatoslav Vasylyk, Kyiv

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