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President of the FBU Mykhailo Brodsky: "We are aiming to make basketball a No1 sport in Ukraine"

Our interlocutor is convinced of the bright future of Ukrainian basketball and states its revival in Ukraine.The head of the federation told his achievements as President of the FBU, noted the sporting successes of Ukrainian teams and drew attention to the halls of basketball matches in Kiev.Mykhailo Yuriiovych, Basketball Federation of Ukraine you have been heading since spring 2015. What specific results have been achieved for you during this time?

In different ways, we can talk about the results. There are achievements that are obvious to all, and there are achievements that go unnoticed by the public, but they are equally important. First and foremost, we managed to keep the Basketball Federation. From the previous management we inherited debts. To date, the FBU has good sponsors. We managed to work out an effective model of relations with state authorities. The state allocates from the budget for the needs of basketball 38 million. Uah.

Secondly, we have created a competitive Super League. Let me remind you that in 2015 only 4 teams could perform, and today 11 teams are performing in the elite division. It's nice that the presence of basketball teams has increased not only in the Super League, but also in all the men's, women's and children's leagues.

In addition, 3X3 basketball develops. Over the past year, 47 tournaments have taken place. This is a fantastic indicator compared to last period of the league. These are matches of the Championship and the Ukrainian Cup in both men and women. This also includes the school and student league. By the number of 3X3 games, we are among the top three states in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that our women's national team became a world championship medalist, and Ukrainian Dmitry Kryvenko became the world champion in the dank.

Of course, I can't help but remember our men's and women's teams.This year they will play in the Eurobasket final. I emphasize that the Ukrainian women's team has defeated the current European champions Serbia twice in the qualifying round. And this, you will agree, is a class indicator and a good level.

Among the achievements it is worth noting the U-20 team of youths, which made its way into the top eight. And the U-18 team finished second in Division B at the European Championship and returned to the elite. A little bit was not enough sports apron to our cadets to conquer this path.But now we are actively preparing them for their return to Division A.

I will confidently say that there is an interest in basketball in Ukraine. We recently updated the site, which entered the top 10 visited internet resources of sports direction.

Actually, Super League games are broadcast by "Tonys", "Xport" channels. All men's and Women's Super League games can be watched online. The number of media partners is also growing. And it's not just about the channels that broadcast matches. These are sites, newspapers and radio stations. I am grateful to everyone who cares about Ukrainian basketball.

This year the men's national basketball team of Ukraine will play at eurobasket. What task is the national team facing in this tournament?

There is less time left for Eurobasket and careful preparation continues. We did the necessary work so that the head coach of the national team attended a number of seminars, looked at the conditions in which the team will perform and be able to see players playing abroad. The task of the national team is clearly set — to leave the group and get into the eight strongest teams of the continent.

In order for sports to have achievements, one must think about a future change. What is happening in Ukraine with the development of children's and youth basketball?

A sufficient number of VUBR competitions are taking place. Created division B. We are talking about regional leagues, thanks to which the number of teams has increased significantly. I am pleased that children are interested in basketball. They love this game, they want to play it. And most importantly – children communicate with each other, find friends, meet interesting people on their life path.Actually, the FBU actively contributes to this.

I would also like to emphasize that we have initiated a program for the installation of basketball shields throughout Ukraine. The Basketball in Every Yard program is already about 300 basketball racks and shields. It took us a little less than a year to do that. We also pay sufficient attention to the development of regional federations, we promote them, because we understand that basketball should have a presence in every corner of Ukraine.

Last year, TM "Parimatch" became the title sponsor of the Ukrainian basketball championship and the general sponsor of the national team. Please tell us what is cooperation and what benefit does it bring to basketball?

In order to succeed it is very important to have a reliable partner who is close to the topic of sports. He should know his problems, understand the specifics, have a comprehensive vision of the development of this sphere. And most importantly – to have a desire to promote the development of sports. Together with TM "Parimatch" we managed to take the Super League championship to a qualitatively new level.With their help we provide full support for the national teams. Our tandem does everything possible to ensure that modern Ukrainian basketball occupies a worthy place in the basketball European family.

How difficult is it to change modern basketball in terms of marketing?

Modern basketball is not necessary to change.There is an urgent need to create sports marketing. In Ukraine, there are virtually no specialists in the relevant direction.This is not only a problem for basketball. Actually, it harms domestic sport in general. Many people understand that marketing is a powerful tool in promoting sports.In my opinion, only TM "Parimatch", which works tirelessly on the image of Ukrainian sport and implements numerous thematic projects at the all-Ukrainian level, is engaged in this issue in Ukraine. The task of the Basketball Federation is to education of personnel and study the experience of other countries. We are trying to adopt the best models of development of this sport in Ukraine.

Realizing the importance of the lack of sports marketers, we are already working with the University on the target training of relevant personnel for domestic sport.

In your opinion, there is more sports or business in Ukrainian basketball?Basically it's a sport. The real business in basketball is taking only the first steps. That's the direction we think is right. This path took place in all the developed countries. Basketball should become the flagship.

Now many complain that since the beginning of the crisis in 2014, people are not up to sporting events. On football, for example, comes fewer and fewer people.What about the attendance of basketball matches in Ukraine?

Last season, about 1,000 fans came to the Palace of Sports in Kyiv for the games of the championship leaders. There is a fresh example this year when about 3,000 spectators came to the "Builder" – "Cherkassy Monkeys" match. Popularity is growing, it is necessary to effectively establish communication with fans. This is not only a matter of the FBU, but also of clubs including. In the 2014/2015 season. there was a recession in almost all cities. And now we are acting on the increase in the number of people in the stands. The work continues, these are interim results, so no one stops there.By the way, if you remember the games of the national team, there was a full-back in the stands of the Palace of Sports. People stood in the aisles. Few fans can remember such times, and we gradually manage to return people to the stands.

What strategic goal do you want to achieve as President of the FBU?

Basketball should become the No1 sport in Ukraine. All our efforts are aimed at achieving this goal. I'm for basketball to be played in every yard, every house interested in the game. I really want our players to be among the best in the world, and the national teams are considered as favorites in European and world competitions. My task as President of the FBU is to ensure that anyone who wants to play basketball can do it in their yard on a well-equipped basketball court.

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