We will cheer up our glorious Ukraine

How national and Western companies cheer up Ukrainians and make our country’s victory closer.

We will cheer up our glorious Ukraine

How national and Western companies cheer up Ukrainians and make our country’s victory closer.

We will cheer up our glorious Ukraine

How national and Western companies cheer up Ukrainians and make our country’s victory closer.

We will cheer up our glorious Ukraine

How national and Western companies cheer up Ukrainians and make our country’s victory closer.

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We will cheer up our glorious Ukraine

Few people were ready to experience such an emotional pressure that every Ukrainian has been experiencing since February 24. Not to turn stress into your way of life you have to do something that gives you strength and positive energy. Our editorial board learns some ways to have fun and benefit Ukraine.

Add numbers and block the enemy’s websites

Ukrainian IT specialists have created an analog of the popular game 2048 called Play For Ukraine, which can be used to block crucial Russian sites.

The rules are simple: the player moves tiles with numbers on the playing area of 16 cells. Tiles with the same number merge into one when they touch. Adding them you have to reach 2048. Winning is not necessary – every move helps to attack the websites used to serve the Russian army. No registration is needed to play online from any part of the world. IT specialists advise using VPN to play from the territory of Ukraine.

Watch charity sports tournaments and bet on the win with Parimatch Ukraine

The premium partner of Parimatch, FC Shakhtar, has started its Global Tour for Peace. The Ukrainian club plays friendly matches with European teams to raise funds to transfer humanitarian aid to Ukraine and the Ukrainians. You can add emotions to the game and bet on your favorite team winning on the platform of the first officially licensed bookmaker in Ukraine – pm.ua. Recently, the company has added the opportunity to withdraw funds from your account to help Ukraine. The funds raised for the month were enough to purchase and deliver much-needed medicines.

Parimatch Ukraine is holding a charity auction for sports trophy collectors. The goal is to raise 1 million hryvnias to help Ukraine, and the third part of this sum has already been raised. The boxing gloves signed by Mike Tyson and Oleksandr Usyk, T-shirts of FC Everton, FC Juventus, and FC Shakhtar signed by the players, as well as the gold medal of Paralympic swimming multi-winner Yevhen Bohodayko are already on their way to the new owners. The new item up for the bid is announced on Parimatch Ukraine’s official Instagram page every week.

Check the firing accuracy in the Bayraktar game 

Recently, the Parimatch Casino platform launched a new game called Bayraktar. From now on everyone can feel a famous combat aerial vehicle’s operator. 

The visual design of the game is almost identical to the interface of a real Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicle, including the display with geographical coordinates to perform targeted hitting. To keep your spirit high and get rid of stress click here.

Watch e-sports lives in Ukrainian and take part in charity tournaments from WePlay

WePlay organizes a series of charity League of Legends and Dota 2 tournaments called Play for Ukraine!. All tournaments’ prize money will be transferred to support the Ukrainian armed forces.

WePlay strongly condemns  Russia’s aggression. The holding supports Ukraine on the economic front and continues broadcasting major e-sports tournaments in Ukrainian. The Blast Spring Showdown 2022 tournament will start in a week. Ukrainian-speaking talents will traditionally work in studios as commentators. You can find the schedule of a live broadcast on the official WePlay Esports channel on Twitch.

Watch the live broadcasts and join #StreamersWithUkraine

Organization.gg, the platform where eSports fans can play with professionals or watch streamers, is holding a 30-day #StreamersWithUkraine charity marathon. The goal is to raise $100,000 for the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians affected by the war. WePlay Holding and Reface supported the idea of the marathon.

More than 100 streamers from all around the world have already joined the marathon, including Ukrainian eSports legends Danylo “Dendi” Ishutin and Oleksandr “S1mple” Kostilov. Choose what you like the most: play or watch the stream. The main thing is to support the idea of a marathon and give some money to charity.

Create memes to cheer you up and keep the spirit of Ukrainians high

Humor is an integral part of Ukrainian culture and helps keep our morale during the war.

Successful Ukrainian startup Reface has launched the Memomet app, which allows you to create pro-Ukrainian memes. The application is free and available in both AppStore and GooglePlay.

Cheer up, play, keep your spirit high and join the fundraising for Ukraine!

Other news:

Parimatch has become a partner of UNITED24

Parimatch has joined the fundraising platform UNITED24. The company has already provided significant financial assistance and is now joining media support, featuring world sport stars.

Parimatch Ukraine and Setanta Sports continue the exclusive cooperation for 3 more sports seasons until 2025.

Technology, innovation and content — a single ecosystem for sports fans from Parimatch and Setanta Sports

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Heart for support – brain for the game!

The three rules of responsible gambling by Oleksandr Usyk

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