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TM "Parimatch" took part in the discussion of cooperation between UPL and La Liga (Spain) and Ligo 1 (France)

On April 6, 2017, Hilton hosted an event to discuss the cooperation of the Ukrainian Premier League with the Spanish La Liga and the French Ligue 1.

The meeting was attended by President of the Spanish La Liga Javier Tebas, Director of audiovisual department Melsior Soler, representative of the French Ligue 1, General Secretary of the World Forum of Leagues Jérôme Perlemouter, President of the Ukrainian Premier League Vladimir Heninson, representative of TM "Parimatch" Vadim Misyura, management of football clubs, partners, guests and journalists.

The key topic of discussion was the exchange of football experience in the development of the commercial model and product of the UPL. In particular, the issue of the feasibility of centralization of commercial and media rights in modern football was raised, which definitely has a positive impact on financial revenues.

La Liga President Javier Tebas shared his Spanish experience in reforming the centralization of the telecast sales system. He is convinced that without centralized sales there will be no revenue growth, but economic action is needed. Javier Tebas said that from 1990 to 2015, media law in Spain was not centralized, which resulted in clubs owed 800 million euros to the state. Two years ago, spain passed a law on centralization of football media, which gave its positive result – debts have decreased to 100 million euros, and the debts of clubs to the players now have not at all.

The President of La Liga is convinced that the UPL has great opportunities to become one of the best leagues, but it is extremely important for Ukraine to reform the centralization of the broadcast sales system.

President of the Ukrainian Premier League Volodymyr Heninson advocates the centralization of the sale of broadcasts and emphasized that such a model should be created in Ukraine as soon as possible. "We are impressed by the experience of Spain, where a special body has been established, which controls all clubs, Real and Barcelona is not an exception. Thanks to the centralization of the sale, Spanish football solved a lot of financial problems," he said.

Vadym Misyura, representative of TM Parimatch, expressed his belief that such constructive meetings with representatives of the best football leagues in the world should contribute to the development of the football industry in Ukraine in terms of sports business processes. After all, on the example of other leagues and football clubs, we see that management efficiency, commercial activity, interaction with broadcasters and sponsors is a necessary condition for financial stability and functioning of sports organizations.

Since the event took place on April 6, the day that the UN recognized as the International Day of Sport for the Benefit of Peace and Development, representatives of the Spanish and French Leagues, the International Leagues Forum, the Ukrainian Premier League and its team, the Professional Football League, the First League team, the Futsal Association of Ukraine, the Broadcasters, sponsors and media joined the corresponding flashmob initiated by the international organization "Peace and Sport" Participants were photographed with a white card. A similar action took place in many countries of the world.

Actually, the participants of the discussion came to the conclusion about the need to centralize media and commercial rights and establish long-term relationships with partners. Under these conditions, Ukrainian football will develop, football clubs will become on the path of self-occupation, and most importantly, that the Ukrainian football product will become much better.

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