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Super League Pari-Match: Ukrainian basketball returns class and spectator

The resumption of the only national championship has 10 edded the level of domestic club basketball

Ukrainian basketball management, journalists and experts, together with fans, celebrate the progress of the Pari-Match Basketball Super League this season. They say that the level of competition and its quality has increased, our players began to return to Ukraine from abroad, and the clubs began to invite legionnaires. As a result, the viewer began to return to the stands.

Note that the season began with positivity. Not a year has passed, as ukraine resumed a single championship. It can be argued that Ukrainian basketball today has one truly strong tournament, which brought together all the best.

Mikhail Brodsky, President of the FBU, says about positive changes: "There are changes in basketball for the better. The union has benefited, so there is currently a competitive Super League in Ukraine."

It is pleasant to note that the progress in basketball is felt by the direct participants of this game – mentors of teams and basketball players." Our basketball became stronger after the unification", – agrees the head coach of BC "Kryvbas" Valeriy Plekhanov. Stanislav Timofeenko, captain of BC "Dnepr", also supports this opinion: "It is very good that the main persons of our basketball have managed to negotiate and disputes behind. The only championship has raised the level of Ukrainian club basketball and now it is necessary to 100% tune in for each game.

Logically, the move was a countdown to the revival of the championship, which has seriously esked amid the country's economic crisis. "Undoubtedly, 5 years ago the level of our league was higher. There were bigger budgets, there were powerful clubs from Donetsk and Mariupol, more legionnaires played, stricter requirements for the organization were stricter. But gradually everything is coming back, we are progressing and more people are wanting to invest in the Ukrainian championship. If we compare our championship with our neighbors, in Poland it is currently higher, and in the Czech Republic and Romania on a level with us," explains Plekhanov.

Who is moving forward for The Pari-Match Super League today? According to the head coach of "Kryvbas", the leaders in the game and the organization of the case are "Chemist" from Yuzhny, Kyiv "Builder" and BC "Dnepr". According to Timofeenko, Dnipro and Kryvbas want to play in euro cups next season, so they have strengthened the line-ups and the game and are already propping up the leaders – Chemist and Builder. "Also, the competition in the championship added teams from Odessa and Zaporozhye. I think this year the play-off matches will be more and more tense than ever," says the Dnipro captain. "If we talk about the club pyramid (the functioning of the chain from children's and youth teams to the team of masters), then here you need to be leveled at the "Cherkassy monkeys". It is there that the system of training of own pets works best," Valeriy Plekhanov said.

Mykhailo Brodsky, the head of Ukrainian basketball, is pleased with the fact of increasing the teams: "When the upcoming championship was formed in the summer of 2015, only four clubs had the opportunity to perform in it, but we created conditions for 5 competitive teams to appear in the Super League and this year we have 11 clubs in the elite division."

It is pleasant that the FBU's cooperation with TM "Parimatch" contributes to positive changes in our club basketball. The men's championship this season is officially called the Super League Pari-Match. Also TM "Parimatch" became the general sponsor of the national team. "When such a reputable sponsor comes, it adds to the tournament of prospects, increases the audience interest. During the season, the clubs began to invite strong American legionnaires and many Ukrainians have already returned from foreign championships. Also, for the first time in five years, the All Stars Match will take place – this is a huge plus for the image of the league", – Plekhanov shares his observations. But Timofeenko's personal impressions: "There were more internet broadcasts, more matches on television, more advertising and interesting contests in match breaks."

As for the younger generation of Pari-Match Super League players, there is someone to talk about and who to watch. Stanislav Timofeenko believes that the main feature of the new wave of Ukrainian basketball players is self-confidence." It's nice that the youth took the chance they got after the departure of leaders and legionnaires. You can note a lot. For example, Sydorov (FC Chemist), Boyarkin (FC Kryvbas) and Zotov ("The Builder") are already adults to the level of players who are the face of The Pari-Match Super League. To this level, other talents are pulled up – Pavlov, Petrov, Antipov (all — "Chemist"), Zakurdev ("Dnipro"), Kobets ("Cherkassy monkeys"), Gorobchenko ("Kryvbas") — lists our hopes Valery Plekhanov. In general, the trend is positive – young Ukrainian basketball players make their way to leading roles. And then, according to Plekhanov, I really wanted young men to have more game practice and to be taught not to be afraid to make decisions, not to be lost to authorities.

However, let's be honest, along with the positives, Super League Pari-Match has many more problems, has where to move and develop. "I want more spectators in the stands", – says the captain of the "Dnipro". At the same time, Timofeenko agrees, the interest of fans has grown, as valery Plekhanov says: "Look, almost full halls in the regions, for example, in the Dnieper and Zaporozhye. Even in Kiev, there were more spectators in the stands. What I lack is more Ukrainian basketball on television. Not just broadcasts, but high-quality analytical programs.

It is impossible to avoid the main event in basketball this year. The men's Eurobasket-2017, which will be held in September in four countries (Romania, Finland, Israel, Turkey), is being talked about today. Of course, Ukrainian experts and fans strongly assess our chances. "To get out of the group, we need two things. First, collect all the strongest, led by Alexei Len of the NBA. Secondly, mentally prepare the team. Make our players believe in themselves!" declares Plekhanov.

Svyatoslav Vasylyk, Kyiv.

Photo: Nikolai M'yashykov


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