Parimatch Ukraine signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports on joint fight against manipulation of sports competitions

Parimatch Ukraine has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine on combating the manipulation of sports competitions and the development of the National Platform of Sports Integrity. The purpose of the National Platform is to counteract the manipulation of sports competitions in order to protect the integrity of sport and sports ethics.

CEO of Parimatch Ukraine, Natalia Gilevich explained why such decision is important for the company:

The bookmaker’s main asset is reputation and trust. As the first and so far the only bookmaker licensed in Ukraine, we feel responsible and ready to set an example as an industry leader. To effectively combat manipulation in sports, it is important to balance the interests of the state, the sports community, betting and players. The signing of the memorandum and expert support for the development of the National Platform of Sports Integrity is an important joint step of the state and a legal bookmaker in finding this balance and the development of fair sports in Ukraine.

Manipulation of sports competitions is a problem in the global dimension, which takes many forms, has a negative impact on all sports and poses a threat to the integrity of sport and its core values. According to statistics, about 20% of athletes and representatives of the sports sector faced offers to take part in the manipulations.

Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Vadym Gutzeit also commented on the decision to establish a National Platform:

We are aware that match-fixing and manipulation of sports results continue to be one of the greatest threats to fair play around the world, including in our country. Ukraine supports the tough stance of the international community in combating this shameful phenomenon. We take an active part in all international events and have joined international instruments aimed at countering this threat to sport. In addition, Ukraine became the third country to ratify the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions.

Francesco Baranka, Chairman of the Ethics and Fair Play Committee of the Ukrainian Football Association, Consultant of the Table Tennis Federation of Ukraine noted that thanks to the work of bookmakers and the predictions they make, the sports community can soon understand that something suspicious is happening in the match. Ukraine is taking decisive steps to combat match-fixing and the signing of a memorandum on cooperation between the state and business is one of them.

Without the comprehensive support of the state institution and bookmakers, the fight against match-fixing is impossible. The number of incidents in the postepidemic period has increased many times: for example, about 1,000 cases in 10 months were detected and confirmed in the world. As for the situation in Ukraine, it is a bit better, but it also needs to be changed. A total of 50 matches in football, basketball, hockey, volleyball and table tennis were revealed, during which moments with manipulation were recorded.

The signing of a joint memorandum and joint efforts is a signal to society that Parimatch Ukraine and the state play on the same field and act as a single team. A joint step to reform the sports industry, which will be based on the principles of honesty, transparency and responsibility.

Ukraine is already actively participating in all international events and has joined international instruments aimed at countering this threat. At the same time, the struggle will soon become tougher, as the National Platform of Sports Integrity will be launched in October.

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