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Artem Lobov and Denis Berinchik held a press conference before the bare-knuckle fight at Mahatch FC

On April 26 a press conference was held in the PMHUB event space before the upcoming fight of Artem Lobov and Denis Berinchik . An Irish fighter and a Ukrainian boxer will fight barefoot as part of one of the events of the Ukrainian Mahatch FC fist league. Denis Berinchik, a professional boxer and reigning WBO International champion, challenged Irish ex-UFC and Bare Knuckle FC fighter Artem Lobov in the last fight. After negotiations and signing of the contract appointed date of fight on June 19 

As Andriy Limontov, co-founder of Mahatch FC, said during the press conference, the fight between Lobov and Berynchyk will take place as part of a regular event, but spectator visits and ticket sales are planned. The situation will depend on quarantine restrictions.

The modern promotional industry does not do without trash currents, provocations and loud statements. This conference was no exception and the fighters exchanged unusual provocative gifts. Denis Berinchik presented the Irish fighter with 2 breams, reminding him of the conflict situation with the team of Russian ex-UFC fighter Habib Nurmagomedov. Artem Lobov, in turn, also decided not to leave the opponent without a present, handing the boxer a large T-shirt with a print of Denis’ performance on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. “It will be like a dress for you,” Lobov joked.

During the press conference, the fighters answered all the questions of journalists, guests and team members of their opponents. There were provocations and sharp remarks. The main topic of discussion was the advantages of each of the fighters in this confrontation.

One of the strong arguments in favor of Artem Lobov was that he defeated two-time world champion Paul Malignaggi at bare-knuckle fight. As the Irish fighter himself put it, before the first fight in fist sports, he chose the wrong approach in training – boxing. After the first fight, it became clear that the decision was wrong – fighting with bare knuckles are different and have their own characteristics. Therefore, Berinchik’s experience in amateur sports and even achievements at the Olympic Games will not be enough to win Lobov, the fighter himself believes.

Denis Berynchyk was reticent in response and emphasized that everything will show the fight and the winner will be found in the “sack race”. Representatives of his team spoke for him, reminding that Denis has a huge experience of performances in kickboxing and on the street.

Summed up the press conference another duel of views. The fighters shook hands and publicly promised that the battle would definitely be great and principled, no one intends to give up.

In turn, Andrey Limontov intrigued journalists and future viewers:

We will conduct similar battles systematically. But also one of the priorities is to raise our fighters and our champions. Now we are developing on the territory of Ukraine, attracting the audience of neighboring countries. We are interested in Belarus, Kazakhstan and the audience of other neighboring countries. In the near future the team will fight with representatives of one of these countries.

You can watch the fight and the press conference later on Mahatch YouTube Channel .

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