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Parimatch Foundation purchased an ambulance for the Mykolaiv region

The ambulance is intended for transporting seriously ill and wounded persons and is equipped with everything necessary for specialists to provide emergency care directly in the car.

Parimatch leaves Belarus and transfers business to a local team

The decision to leave Belarus was made a long time ago - and this means a complete termination of all relations.

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Parimatch Foundation delivered food packages to shelters in the Dnipro region

Each package weighs up to 15 kg and the delivered amount will be enough for a family of 4 for a month.

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Parimatch Foundation Allocated Over 500K Euros to Aid Ukraine During War

To be more effective, the Foundation created a few aid branches: humanitarian aid and medical needs, financial aid and fundraising, establishing new partnerships to raise funds, and sustaining the necessary projects of the Foundation.

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Parimatch Foundation has launched a Crisis Psychological Assistance course for IRC psychologists

The training course has been initiated as part of the Parimatch Foundation’s psychological rehabilitation strategic program for children and adults affected by the war.

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We were born in Ukraine. We are fired up to win! – Parimatch Ukraine CEO

Parimatch Ukraine and Oleksandr Usyk made a strong appeal to Ukrainians in a new joint campaign aimed to support Ukraine

We will cheer up our glorious Ukraine

How national and Western companies cheer up Ukrainians and make our country’s victory closer.

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Parimatch Foundation sent humanitarian aid to Ternopil region

Ternopil region became temporary shelters for internally displaced persons.

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