Parimatch Foundation

It is an international charitable foundation the objective of which is to implement strategies of corporate social responsibility. Our mission is to improve public health and well-being through training and engaging children in sports and physical education and providing equal opportunities for everyone.

The Foundation seeks to ensure that every child regardless of physical characteristics, social status or other impediments have access to education and sporting activities.

Since its establishment the Foundation has implemented four integrated programs: “Yes, I can”, “Sports Mentor”, “New Physical Culture”, and “Boost4Best”.

Parimatch Foundation implements socially responsible projects in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Cyprus. Moreover, Parimatch has supported doctors during the Covid-19 pandemic in the aforementioned countries.


Values :

  • We know that professional and amateur sports ensure the child’s comprehensive development.
  • We believe that a happy community always begins with health and well-being of the children.
  • We strive to provide all children with opportunities to discover and implement their own potential.
  • We believe in effective cooperation between business, government sector and non-profit organizations for resolving social issues.

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