Marcelo David coldzera

Marcelo Augusto David is a Brazilian professional e-sportsman in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the best player on the planet in 2016 and 2017, as well as a multiple winner of tournaments: he won 21 gold, 11 silver and 19 bronze medals.

Glad to join Parimatch. It is a great honor for me to be on the same team of ambassadors with such world sports legends as Mike Tyson and Conor McGregor. I know that Parimatch is a responsible company that is really immersed in e-sports and makes a significant contribution to entertainment technology. Together with Parimatch we will develop e-sports in Brazil and try to distract my compatriots from football!

Other news:

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Parimatch Foundation Allocated Over 500K Euros to Aid Ukraine During War

To be more effective, the Foundation created a few aid branches: humanitarian aid and medical needs, financial aid and fundraising, establishing new partnerships to raise funds, and sustaining the necessary projects of the Foundation.

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Parimatch Foundation has launched a Crisis Psychological Assistance course for IRC psychologists

The training course has been initiated as part of the Parimatch Foundation’s psychological rehabilitation strategic program for children and adults affected by the war.

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We were born in Ukraine. We are fired up to win! – Parimatch Ukraine CEO

Parimatch Ukraine and Oleksandr Usyk made a strong appeal to Ukrainians in a new joint campaign aimed to support Ukraine

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